Massage Therapy by Rebecca Weaver
massage therapy

Massage for Autism Spectrum Disorders

     Each child is unique so each massage session will be different.  Before we start treatments I would need an intake form filled out.  This will help me get to know your child so that I can prepare for the session before you arrive.

     Massage is not a cure and it may take a few sessions before you see results.  Patience is the key as well as following your child's cues.  I will never force a child to get a massage.  Your child does not have to remove any clothes unless they want to.  We will start out working on mats on the floor.  If or when your child is ready we can use the massage table.

     I will use a combination of sensory integration and toys to tell massage stories on areas of your child's body.  Children love these stories because they get to help make them up as we go.

     The first session may be more about getting to know each other with a little sensory play.  Each session after that should get a little longer and involve more massage.  Eventually we may even work up to a full body massage.